Ampage History

AMPAGE, Like most great bands remaining successful for multiple decades, (which is no easy feat among the vast competition of both legendary performers and the many hot up and coming acts in the music industry), Ampage has undergone over the years several band personnel changes, (which can ultimately make or break any band,) but Ampage has remained strong and dedicated throughout those changes, to spite all the 'bumps' in road of a touring hard rock band, to bringing to their fans nothing less than high quality, high caliber, and incredibly dynamic rock performances both live on stage and in the studio; as reflected on their previously 7 released albums and 9 movies, which can be attested to by their multitudes of fans worldwide.  

The personnel changes that Ampage has experienced and undergone over the years, (which can prove deadly for some bands), some of which include the switch of lead guitarist Mark Pearce in 2013 taking the place of  Mark Englert, (of Dramarama), who joined Ampage in 2001, replacing guitar legend Earl Slick (of David Bowie and John Lennon fame,) and Loren  Molinare (of Little Caesar) not to mention Craig Beck in the late 80's. Original drummer Michael Kroeger who rejoined Ampage replacing Rick Allen (Def Leppard), actually serve as an asset on the Ampage Greatest Hits 2007 CD, "Future  Days Gone by" as it provides extra thrill factor and star attraction for  fans, as fans can enjoy the best performances of ALL of the great performers who have contributed to the great sound of Ampage during their time performing with this outstanding band; plus all the powerful prowess of the Ampage's current line up,.all on this one hard driving CD release.  

Changes over the years to the line up of Ampage have been aplenty, so fans can expect to be thoroughly well rocked on Ampage's CD, "Future Days Gone  By", by such prolific performers as Gary Busey... Yeah, that Gary Busey! Highly acclaimed actor in such movies as The Buddy Holly Story,  Gary Busey, who makes a guest appearance on the beginning of the CD's song "D Day", in the preacher's monologue. Busey's  performances with the band Ampage, featured on Ampage's 2001 released CD "Falling Higher," as well as on Ampage's last CD, "Future Days Gone By". ...Some of the other stellar and/or legendary performers which performed with Ampage and can be heard on both their previous releases as well as featured on "Future Days Gone By" include such great performers as: Rick Allen of Def Leppard, Michael Monarch of Steppenwolf, Earl Slick of Bowie and John Lennon, John Easedale of Dramarama, John Taylor of Duran Duran, actor/musician Jeff Conaway of Taxi, and Grease as well as other outstanding musicians who have contributed to the great sound of Ampage over the years like Tommy Shaw of Styx who co-wrote a few of the songs with Mason. Incidentally, Jeff Conaway was the producer of all of the MTV videos for Ampage in the 1990's. 

Sadly Ampage lost one of  it's co-founding members and longtime drummer Michael Kroeger to  leukemia on January 31, 2016. Michael was in the studio with the band  and had just finished his drum and backing vocal tracks for the  album "Bridge Of Souls" when he was diagnosed with Leukemia. He died a  few month later never hearing the finished album and what would be his  last master piece. The band has dedicated that album to him.


Mark Mason

Mark Mason lead vocals / Songwriter and guitarist 

Mark Mason- Lead Vocals / Songwriter and Guitarist: Founding force of the band, Mason is also a prolific songwriter with  many credits ranging from 7 albums, to 9 major movies, such as: "I'm  Dangerous Tonight" in 1990, "Bikini Summer II" in 1992, in which Jeff Conaway also starred and  directed along with on screen performances by Mark Mason and Ampage.  Mark's songwriting talent was featured also in the in the 1994 NBC Movie of the Week Robin Cook's "Mortal Fear". In 1999, Mark Mason along with Rick Allen, (world renown drummer for Def  Leppard), wrote and recorded the theme song for the Disney Movie and movie trailer  "Brink". 

To add to Mark's  impressive list of professional credits, he is also recognized for his  work collaborating with other musical greats as Tommy Shaw of the  legendary rock band Styx, and with songwriter Wes Arkin of Guns & Roses fame, to name just a few Mark's many credits throughout his illustrious long term professional career as a songwriter and musical performer. The remarkable versatility, total pro creative adaptability and high quality of Mark's style of songwriting and vocal and musicianship, has earned Mark wide  recognition among many of the music and movie industry's elite as  being a "musician's musician". 


Mark Pearce

Mark Pearce Lead Guitar and Vocals- Mark Pierce Joined Ampage in 2013 taking over as lead guitarist and vocals for the band. Mark's a well seasoned veteran musician / songwriter with more than enough experience to know what it takes to deliver to any audiences a show they won't soon forget. Mark added a couple of his songs and recorded blistering guitars and vocals to the 2016 Bridge of Souls album as well as # Rock and Rolling Dogs of Thunder  in 2018.


Bill Stokem

Bill Stokem joined Ampage  in 2013 to take over on bass freeing up Lead Singer Mark Mason to  continue as singer and now 2nd guitarist for the band . Bill is an  amazing bassist  who studied at MIT (Musician Institute  of Technology) in Hollywood during the mid 1980's. Bill has performed  and recorded over the years in such bands as Anti-Social, Flembile, Pus  Bucket later known as Bloody Pus Bucket and the Blue Meanies. Bill is a  great Bass player that adds just the right amount of edginess to Ampage.  Bill also played a mean bass on the Ampage Bridge of souls album in 2016 as well as # Rock and Rolling Dogs Of Thunder in 2018


Jason Fish

Jason  was born into a musical family in Southern Indiana. His Dad's bands  would rehearse in the basement at their house. This is where he was  drawn to the sound and look of the drum kit. Through the years he has  gigged and recorded with various cover bands (The Brood,  and  SUICIDE ÅCES) and original bands (Aistha's Kiss, Trigger Heat, Ultra  Sonic, and Verge On Dirty.) Jason  or Fish as the band likes to call him has a unique and open style of  drumming allowing the songs to breath without losing that rolling and  thunderous beat. Fish also adds incredible pitch perfect vocals to the  songs and a chemistry with the other band members to complete that  magical Ampage sound.  Jason recorded on the Ampage singles # Rock and Rolling Dogs of Thunder in 2018.