Ampage Quick Look -


Ampage Line - Up

Mark Mason - Lead Vocals / Guitar

Mark Pearce - Lead Guitar / Vocals

Jason Fish - Drums / Vocals

Bill Stokem - Bass


4 decades of Rock

Ampage has recorded 7 albums, 9 movies including the Disney movie " Brink'' , Charted 2 hit singles in to top 50 and lead singer songwriter Mark Mason is the only artist to ever legally change a John Lennon lyric


Latest release

Ampage has just released its newest album " Bridge of Souls " featuring Ampage co-founder Michael Kroeger on drums


Ampage Documentary

Ampage is currently being filmed for a Documentary called " Falling Higher"  the 40 years of Ampage. Due to be released in the Summer 2020


Ampage touring the world

Ampage has toured and/ or shared the stage with everyone from Eric Clapton to Def Leppard, Blue Oyster Cult, Vince Niel, Dokken, Ace Frehley, Quiet Riot, Berlin, Billy Idol, Ratt to name a few!


Ampage guests and members over the years

Some of the people that have recorded and or performed in Ampage over the years include Rick Allen ( Def Leppard), Earl Slick ( Bowie and Lennon), Michael Monarch ( Steppenwolf) , Loren Molinare ( Little Ceasar) , John Taylor (Duran Duran) , Actors Jeff Conaway ( Taxi , Greese) , Gary Busey ( Buddy Holy Story) , Corey Feldman, Billy Wirth ( Lost Boys )


For Kroeger

Sadly Ampage lost one of  it's co-founding members and longtime drummer Michael Kroeger to  leukemia on January 31, 2016. Michael was in the studio with the band  and had just finished his drum and backing vocal tracks for the newest  album "Bridge Of Souls" when he was diagnosed with Leukemia. He died a  few month later never hearing the finished album and what would be his  last master piece. The band has dedicated this album to him.

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